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TalaraiGuard: Indoor Sanitizer and Deodorizer

TalaraiGuard offers the first non-toxic, dry fogging solution, that runs through vent systems and treats (sanitizes and deodorizes) indoor areas without the labor, downtime, or wetness associated with water-based products. The magic lies in the natural oil-based formula that utilizes a special method of solvent extraction to remove residue when applied as a dry fog. The minimal labor and short dwell time (less than 10 minutes), combined with its ability to penetrate the most difficult areas, makes it safe and practical for almost any indoor environment.

TalaraiGuard DN-007 (Machine)

Our user-friendly and carefully designed machine that dispenses TalaraiMIST DN-420 as a dry fog. This allows the solution to penetrate the most difficult to reach areas and leaves no residue.

TalaraiMIST DN-420 (Solution)

Our proprietary solution consists of natural essential oils that are highly concentrated plant extracts. These are obtained by steam distillation, cold pressing, and extraction of CO2, a method of solvent extraction which does not leave any residue or alter the oil’s chemical composition. *Each bottle is 75ml and covers up to 15,000 square feet.


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