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Talarai LAB

TalaraiLAB exists to provide comprehensive clinical lab solutions to individuals, healthcare providers, and governmental organizations with unparalleled turnaround time and accuracy.

Talarai Lab

Whole Genome Sequencing and Next Gen Sequencing

TalaraiLAB utilizes a fleet of the latest Illumina instruments including the NovaSeq 6000 and NovaSeq X Plus. In addition, TalaraiLAB maintains a state-of-the-art facility, highly experienced and credentialed laboratory team, and myriad automated robotic platforms to increase efficiency, quality, and consistency of processing for Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Exome Sequencing, Next Gen Sequencing, Environmental DNA Sequencing, Metabarcoding, and Metagenomic/Metatranscriptomic Sequencing work.

Molecular Diagnostics/PCR

TalaraiLAB operates a high capacity, high throughput molecular lab with highly automated workflows and veteran scientific staff. TalaraiLAB has a documented history of successfully processing millions of PCR tests for Covid 19, Flu, RSV, STD/STI including HIV, Syphilis, Hep B/C, HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and more. Additionally, Multiplex and OpenArray methods allow TalaraiLAB to construct complex, custom panels to produce clinical data for Pharmacogenomics, Complex Infectious Disease w/ Antibiotic Resistance Genes, Cancer Genomics, and more.


TalaraiLAB specializes in detecting prescription medications and illicit drugs, allowing medical practitioners to make the best possible decisions regarding a patient’s care. TalaraiLAB sets the gold standard in TalaraiLAB with an innovative approach to detecting prescription medications and illicit drugs. Radeas tests for an extensive and evolving panel of drug classes, including opioids, synthetics, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, amphetamines, stimulants, and behavioral health medications. All testing utilizes state-of-the-art equipment overseen by a team of world-class scientists, enabling medical practitioners to make the best possible patient care decisions.

Clinical Labs/Blood Chemistry

Regarding patient health, it’s critical to accurately diagnose medical conditions, monitor diseases, and evaluate treatment options promptly. TalaraiLAB provides standard clinical laboratory testing to identify patient health changes. These tests include Complete Metabolic Panels, Thyroid Panels, Male and Female Hormone Panels, Anemia Testing, complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel, liver panel, screening for sexually transmitted infections, and much more.

360-Degree Clinical Solutions

Designated workflows and instrument teams allow TalaraiLAB to process urine and oral fluid specimens without compromising turnaround time or data quality. This results in delivering consistent results and predictable outcomes. Our broad network of national, state, and local contracts enables you to trust a single partner.

Pharmacogenomics(PGX) Screening

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) screening is a molecular test designed to determine whether one can or cannot normally metabolize drugs regulated by specific genes. PGx screening enables healthcare providers to quickly optimize and refine treatment plans by revealing how patients metabolize drugs based on their unique genetic polymorphisms. SwētLAB keeps the collection and reporting process simple. SwētLAB provides the most accurate results by performing real-time, open-array PCR.

The TalaraiLAB Difference

State-Of-The-Art Molecular Diagnostic Equipment

TalaraiLAB implements real-time open array PCR technology to ensure results are delivered accurately when needed.

Wide, Comprehensive Panel

TalaraiLAB implements a comprehensive panel for PGx screening, encompassing genes with the widest range of metabolic regulation and providing insights on a broad spectrum of gene-drug interactions.

Accurate & Quick Results

TalaraiLAB PGx screening results are returned within three days of prior authorization or Self Pay, with quality control checkpoints at each step of the process.

Critical Next-Day Results

Radeas employs extensively trained, highly skilled medical laboratory science professionals to offer providers the most accurate and reliable patient results.

Sample Management Automation.

Our lab automation methods and software systems shorten results delivery time by simplifying sample management processes to boost lab efficiency.

TalaraiLAB Capabilities

Fast Turnaround Times (Same Day or Next Business Day)

Fast Turnaround Times (Same Day or Next Business Day) TalaraiLAB understands how critical it is to receive data quickly. All covid/respiratory testing is resulted on the same day that specimens are received in the lab. All other molecular and LCMS based testing is resulted on the next business day from receipt.

High capacity (500k PCR samples per day, 1500 Whole Genomes per month)

TalaraiLAB has developed a number of automations leveraging AI and robotics to speed up the accessioning and processing of tests in the lab. In addition, there are established surge protocols that include moving to 7 day operation and adding a 3rd shift in times of high demand. These protocols can bring our capacity to ~500k PCR tests per day and/or 1500 Whole Genomes per month.

Mobile Lab Fleet - deployable anywhere in the US within 48-72 hours

TalaraiLAB has a unique fleet of High Complexity mobile laboratories that can be deployed anywhere in the United States in 48-72 hours. These units require minimal support (power connection, secure parking/staging location) and can process as many as 2500 PCR tests per hour with results available in as little as 30 minutes, in addition to several other tests/platforms. This is an ideal solution for urgent and emergent situations where access and turnaround times are critical.

Custom Test/Assay Development - Ability to build and deploy custom tests within 2-4 weeks for emergent situations (i.e., Ohio train derailment)

TalaraiLAB has a long and successful history of rapidly validating and bringing to market novel LDTs (Laboratory Developed Tests) to produce meaningful clinical data for new and emergent challenges. SwētLAB can assess needs and develop testing platforms utilizing Molecular/PCR, Sequencing, and other technologies to measure and track exactly the data that matters to our partners and customers.

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