Talarai ADA

Digital Accessibility Compliance Solutions

Digital Accessibility Audits & Testing

Our digital accessibility experts evaluate your website or digital application for conformance with Section 508 and ADA. We utilize both automated and manual testing with assistive technologies to provide a comprehensive roadmap towards fully accessible outcomes.


Qualify your software, electronic content and other ICT products for government procurement opportunities. We can help you demonstrate your product and service accessibility in a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).


PDF Remediation

Ensure your publications, reports and other PDF documents are ADA and Section 508 conformant. Our team of specialists can assist in the creation or remediation of accessible PDF documents with all required metadata.

Professional Training

Ready to incorporate accessibility into your organization’s digital processes? We work closely with creative, technical, and testing teams to train, advise, and support teams in incorporating accessibility knowledge, techniques, and checkpoints into the development lifecycle.

Digital Remediation & Technology Support

Looking for a strategic partner to help build and implement an accessibility remediation plan? Our team provides experienced technology leaders to refactor and test code for accessibility.

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