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TalaraiPM Capabilities

Contract Management

We make it easy to manage key milestones, including award date, notice-to-proceed, finalized deliverables, and final payout. We track all financials, including baseline costs, funding sources, changes, and actuals.

Project Management

We offer a rapid import tool for uploading your projects or schedules for fixed-scope projects. The system tracks baseline quantities by project, actuals, and remaining/overages for bid items. Everyone can keep a pulse on the status of the project.

Funding Source Management

With SwētSpot, you can manage all funding sources from a single location and assign funding amounts to contracts and projects/schedules, which specific bid items can override.

Issue Management

Our platform allows users to organize issues by their “Impact” and” Likelihood,” generating an “Urgency” score to sort and manage issues by priority quickly. Users can also assign due dates and track performance against the due date.

Contractor Portal

With our new mobile-enabled system, contractors can access their accounts from the field using a smartphone or tablet. You can assign them to contracts and manage their system access, and they can then manage their accounts: adding or removing other users like managers and crew leads, each with different rights to portions of the system.


We make sure you’re ready for anything. With an easy-to-use interface, you can create a flexible form that leads inspectors through the process to ensure all relevant information is captured. If you’re ready to involve your supervisors, we’ve got an approval process to prompt them to review and approve (or reject) dailies.

Prospective Invoicing

This future invoice also gives you insight into which items are pending approval and which you’ve already approved. You can click on a link to drill down to each bid item, so you can easily find out if you want more information about what was submitted or who approved it.

Executive Dashboard and Reporting

CPI automatically calculates based on contract cost parameters compared to contractor submissions. SPI estimates are based on contract schedule parameters compared to contractor submissions and daily reports.


TalaraiE3 is collaborative platform created as an easy-to-use system perfect for field managers and teams; virtually or in person, to teach and reinforce key skills.I.e; Sales, Customer Experience, Staff Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Safety.

It’s no secret that your employees are the most essential factor regarding success.

Culture, Productivity, and ROI

A poorly coached employee:

A well-coached employee:

Leaders are Made not Born

Our Leadership Workshops unlock the potential of your management team.

Whether taking on the role as Supervisor for the first time or leading from the C-suite, our tools and workshops help you communicate and function more confidently and competently.

Leaders need to:  Protect the Organization, Support the Employees, and Model the Behavior Desired in Others

Our Approach is Individualized with Content that is Customized to Your Specific Needs in the Public and Private sectors.

Tired of the daunting task of sourcing contractors that meet your requirements? SwētSpot will simplify your Set-Aside contractor fulfillment needs, and match you with the very best, from technology to commodities and more.

Schedule a consultation today. We promise it’s going to be worth it. Click here to begin.

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