MH360 Program

Welcome to MH360, a cutting-edge initiative dedicated to supporting and empowering American Veterans as they reintegrate into their families and communities. Our program is designed to strengthen and evaluate the connections between Veterans, their families, tribal communities, and support services, with the ultimate goal of reducing the risk of suicide.

At MH360, we understand that the key challenge lies not in the lack of support capabilities but in effectively integrating these capabilities at an individual level. That’s why we’re committed to applying research and technology to address the unique needs of our most vulnerable populations.

MH-360 Program

Through MH360, we offer a suite of proven technology-enabled services centered around the Native American Veteran. Our holistic and customized approach involves effective communication, assessment, intervention, measurement, and support coordination. We work hand-in-hand with Native American Veterans, their families, and treatment teams to create a feedback-driven community that fosters resilience and well-being.

Our intuitive online platform provides veteran-centric services, including comprehensive mental health support. From individualized and group-based communities to biometric insights through wearable technology, our program ensures that every aspect of a Veteran's life is assessed and addressed.

MH360 is a pioneering initiative that puts the American Veteran at the heart of a supportive network. With its comprehensive and user-friendly features, our program aims to enhance the well-being and success of these Veterans as they navigate the challenges of reintegrating into their communities.

Let us introduce you to Kai, a Native American Veteran who faced his struggles. Kai, deeply connected to his cultural heritage, served as a combat medic in Afghanistan. Despite the distance from his tribal lands, he carried the spirit of his ancestors with him, always seeking strength and guidance. But the realities of war tested his identity, and upon returning home, he found himself grappling with trauma and addiction.

Kai's story is not unique. Many Veterans, like him, face complex needs that encompass both mental and physical health conditions, impacting their lives and those around them. Traditional interventions often fall short, focusing on one or two dimensions at a time. MH360 takes a different approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of various aspects of a Veteran's life and addressing them simultaneously.

By adopting a comprehensive and multidimensional approach, MH360 ensures that individuals like Kai receive the support they need. Our program acknowledges the cyclical nature of mental health challenges and guides Veterans through phases of emergence, detection/awareness, remediation, and recovery. We believe that by considering the entire person and their unique needs, we can provide comprehensive care and save lives.

Join us at MH360 as we implement behavioral interventions, conduct risk analysis, perform comprehensive assessments, and take decisive actions. Together, we can achieve measurable outcomes and make a difference in the lives of Native American Veterans.

Cost to Implement (Assessments, System Access, Customer Experience):

These are the components and services included in the of implementing MH360. We have additional features and services available for ADA compliance and for medical data and bio-alert tracking.

Custom Bio-wearable devices are designed to meet needs.

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